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How to Dress Like a Maximalist

How to Dress Like a Maximalist: Shades and Outfits

We’ve all heard of the quote “less is more” in the world of fashion. But with maximalism, we believe in the complete opposite—more is...

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summer outfit ideas for 2024

Summer 2024 Fashion: 7 Must-Try Outfit Ideas for a Chic Season

Table of ContentsLong Vests x Crystal SunglassesAll-White Ensemble x Oval SunglassesPops of GreenStriped Blazer & Linen Shorts x Square FramesRibbed Tank Top & Denim...

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10 Signs of Dry Eyes and How to Treat Them

Have you ever experienced a stinging sensation in your eyes after hours of staring at a screen, or found yourself blinking a lot while reading a book? These could be more than just fleeting discomforts. They might be signs of dry eyes — a condition affecting millions worldwide. In this increasingly digital age, where screens dominate much of our lives, dry eyes are becoming a common concern, impacting both comfort and vision quality.


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